Platinum Financing for Merchants

On-The-Spot Financing

Platinum Financing gives your business the power to offer customers on-the-spot financing for the products or services you sell. It's fast, flexible, and often costs less for both you and your customers. Best of all, it’s offered right here in Iowa by GreenState Credit Union.

You can reach our Platinum Financing Department at (319) 248-7163

Platinum Financing Benefits for Merchants and Consumers

Benefits to Your Business

Platinum Financing allows you to sell more of your products and services by providing customers with the funds they need right away. And there's more:

  • It gives your business the ability to market 0% financing specials to attract even more buyers.
  • The cost to your business is often much lower than similar services offered by national lenders.
  • Since GreenState is handling the financing, your business will not have to worry about collecting the loan or carrying the account receivables until the loan is paid in full.

Benefits to Your Customers

Of course, taking care of your customers is even more important:

  • GreenState can offer your customers interest rates that are much lower than large national lenders.
  • There are no fees or penalties if they decide to pay off the loan early.
  • For convenience, payments can be made at any GreenState office, via ACH, or through our secure online banking system.

Applying is Easy

Applying is done through our secure website (powered by OnSpot). All you need to do is enter your customer's information and click the submit button. You'll have an answer on the financing in minutes. Or if you prefer, you can share the web link with your customer and they can apply themselves. Either way, your corporate account will be funded with 24 business hours of application approval.

Getting Started

GreenState Credit Union understands that your customers are your first priority. By choosing GreenState as your dedicated lending partner, we can help you serve your customers better and keep your customer satisfaction high.

To learn more about GreenState Platinum Financing or to get started, please contact your Merchant Lending Officer, Melisa Henley at (319) 248-7163 or