Online Banking Settings

Get Secure Access Codes via Text Message

To help prevent fraud, when you log in to online banking or the mobile app from a new device you will also need to enter a secure access code that will be sent to you via a phone call or text message. Once that code is entered you can choose to register your device so that future logins don't require this second verification step. For security purposes please do not register public computers.

In order to choose the text message option, or to change the phone number where you receive secure access codes, you may need to update your Secure Access Delivery contact information. You can update your Secure Access Delivery contact information via online banking or the mobile app. If you're not able to login, please call our Member Assistance Center (319) 339-1000 and we can help you update your contact details.

Updating Secure Access Delivery details via Online Banking and Mobile App

  1. From the main menu, click or tap on 'Settings'. Online Banking menu with arrow pointing at settings menu option.
  2. In the Settings sub-menu, click or tap on 'Security Preferences' Online banking menu with Settings option opened and with arrow pointing at Security Preferences sub-menu option 
  3. Choose the 'Secure Delivery' option. Secure Delivery Contact Information option, arrow pointing at New Text Number button
  4. Update the text number show by clicking on the pencil icon (edit). If no number is listed you can add a new text number by clicking on the 'New Text Number' button. Adding new next number into phone number field
  5. Enter the phone number that you want secure access codes sent to. Adding new next number into phone number field
  6. Click on the save icon to save your update. Saving the number by clicking on the save icon
  7. You should now see a number under the heading "Text". You can return to this page and update or add new numbers as needed. Overview of Secure Delivery Contact Information page after a new Text Number has been added.