Fraud Alert

We've received reports of fraudsters spoofing GreenState's phone numbers in an effort to collect personal information. Please remember that GreenState will never call you to ask for your information. If you receive a suspicious call from the "GreenState Fraud Department" or have doubts about who you are speaking to, please hang up and call us back at 800-397-3790. Thank you for helping us protect your information!

Mortgage Rates

Due to recent events in lending markets GreenState Mortgage is experiencing an unprecedented level of calls and inquiries about mortgage transactions.  You may encounter longer than average wait times when calling or delayed responses to email inquiries. Thank you for your patience.

GreenState offers In House Fixed and Adjustable Rate Loans with flexible terms to meet your needs. Contact a local lender for details.

* -

Rates assume a 75% CLTV with $1800 in closing costs. All Rates, Payment Amounts, and Closing Costs are examples and do not constitute an actual quote.