Savings Accounts

What's the reason you're saving? Whether it's a vacation, wedding, baby or a rainy day, a savings account at GreenState is a safe place to store your money. Dividends are paid monthly, and you can easily transfer funds to or from your GreenState or external bank account.

To open a new savings account or add additional accounts to your existing membership, you can stop by any branch location, give us a call at (800) 475-6728, or:

Open an Account Online in Minutes

Hoppy's Kids Club

Hoppy the Tree Frog

The GreenState Credit Union Kids Club is an educational, fun club designed to teach kids 10 and under about the value of saving money.

To sign up, give us a call at 1-800-397-3790 or stop by any GreenState office!

Saving Tips

Use separate savings accounts for different goals.

Did you know you can open more than one savings account with your GreenState  membership? Separate savings accounts can help bring your goals into focus when you give each account a name in online banking:

Example of named savings account in GreenState online banking.

Example screen shot of multiple savings accounts viewed online

Pay yourself first with recurring transfers to savings.

Automate your good savings habit in just minutes with a recurring funds transfer in online banking. Choose an amount and frequency that fits your needs and start building your savings with ease. Learn how to setup an a recurring transfer in online banking and put your savings on autopilot today. 

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Certificates1 & Individual Retirement Accounts

Certificates and IRAs allow you to lock your money away for a term and earn higher yields than typical savings accounts. Our Certificates & IRAs have been recognized nationally for their aggressive yields. They can be opened with as little as a $500 initial investment. Terms range from 3 to 60 months. Often times, GreenState offers jumbo rates available for amounts over $100,000. 

Young Investor Certificate

For the financial genius-in-training under 18, we have a Young Investor Certificate option, with lower initial investment requirements.

To open a certificate stop by any branch location, call us at (800) 475-6728, or chat with us online.

Certificate Ladders

Investing in a series of Certificates with different maturities can help you reach higher interest rates while maintaining better liquidity than investing in a single long-term Certificate.  

Certificate Ladder Calculator

Money Market Accounts

Grow Your Money with the Green Account

With the Green Money Market, you can earn up to 10X the national average on your deposits! 3

What is a Money Market Account?

GreenState Money Market Accounts are interest-bearing accounts that pay a higher interest rate than regular savings while still being protected and insured by the NCUA up to $250,000.  Our Money Market Accounts use tiered rates to maximize your earnings and are a great place to store your funds that you want to keep liquid.  

Open an Account Online in Minutes

Green Account 2

Introducing the Green Account! If you’re looking for a safe place to grow your money, our new Green Money Market Account offers our highest yields with tiered rates to maximize your earnings.  

Mega Money Market

Our Mega Money Market account is open to all new investors looking to safely grow their savings.  Get in touch today to start earning more! 

1 -

Minimum deposit of $500 required. 3-6 month dividends compounded at maturity, all other terms compounded quarterly. Penalty for early withdrawal. Early withdrawal penalty is based on the term of the certificate. Certificates with a term of less than a year will be calculated equal to the number of days in the certificate term. Certificates with terms of a year or longer will be charged 365 days of dividends. Loss of principal investment is possible.

2 -

Green Accounts can be opened with New Money or with funds from maturing GreenState Credit Union Certificates. Variable rate subject to change at any time after account opening. Fees may reduce earnings on the account. 

3 -

Compared to the national average on money market accounts of 0.07%.  Source: weekly survey of institutions as of 2/10/2022