For Employers

What does it mean to partner with GreenState as a Select Employer Group or via Associational Common Bond?

Becoming a Select Employer Group (SEG) or forming an Associational Common Bond (ACB) is a no cost / no obligation way for companies and organizations to offer their employees and members savings and educational tools through GreenState Credit Union. As a credit union, our mission is to help people keep more money where it belongs: in their pocket!

Research shows that nearly half of working adults are distracted by their finances at work 1. They spent three or more hours at work each week thinking about or dealing with issues related to their finances. Employees who are financially healthy are happier and more productive team members. Organizations who offer more perks to their members have a higher rate of member retention.

When you begin offering the GreenState Partner Benefits from GreenState Credit Union as a free employee and member perk, you will enhance your benefit package at no cost.

Partnering with GreenState as a SEG or ACB benefits you and your most valued assets: Your People

Your Employees and Members Can Receive

  • Access to digital and in-person financial education resources
  • Rate Discounts and Cash Credits on Certain Loans
  • Credit union leading products & services
  • Unbelievable low fees and even better rates
  • Access to Rewards Credit Card 2
  • Discounts on various financial products

Benefits To Your Company / Organization

  • Eligible to open a special Indexed Money Market Account.
  • Access to free resources for your offices, breakrooms, and Intranet to promote this benefit offering
  • Free in-person and digital financial education trainings
  • On-site GreenState presence at company events
  • Monthly digital news for your entire team
  • We invest in our local communities, like yours!

Want to learn more about extending these benefits to your workplace or association?


1 -

Information provided by PWC, a third party not related to GreenState Credit Union.

2 -

Subject to credit approval and analysis