Card Controls

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You’re In Control with Customized Card Features

Enable or disable your credit and/or debit card anytime
Whether you’re traveling or suspect your card may be lost or stolen, you can turn your card on or off with ease in the GreenState app or Online Banking.

Set card conditions
With Card Controls, you decide how, when, and where your card can be used. Manage spending, transaction, or merchant limits and enable alerts based on your choices.

Get real-time alerts
You can authorize alerts for transactions you would like to monitor, including:

  • Declined transactions
  • Purchases made abroad, in-store, or online
  • Transactions that exceed a set threshold

Card Controls - Card Activity Alerts

Stay informed about your spending
Transaction alerts in Card Controls can be enabled for all transactions. Getting an alert about every card transaction can help you quickly respond to fraudulent or suspicious activity. If you receive a notification about a transaction you didn't make or can't account for, disable your card with Card Controls and contact GreenState to report the suspicious activity.

Transaction alerts may also be enabled for select transactions that meet criteria you choose like only getting alerts for transactions over a certain dollar value or for ecommerce transactions.

Card activity alerts can be delivered via SMS and/or Email.

Looking for balance alerts?

Balance alerts and alerts for other types of accounts or transacations can be found in online banking under the main menu Settings > Alerts option.   

Online Banking Balance & Activity Alerts

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Card Controls - Travel Notification

Let us know before you leave!
If traveling out of state with your GreenState debit or credit card you can easily share your travel plans via the Travel Notifications option in Card Controls.

States or countries with high cases of card fraud may be blocked from usage for your protection. Notifying GreenState Credit Union of your travel plans allows us to unblock your card(s) so that it works for the period you are visiting.

Member’s not enrolled in Card Controls may share travel plans by:
  • Chatting online at
  • Visiting any branch location

Get Started with Card Controls from GreenState

Already using Online Banking?

  1. Sign in to Online Banking
  2. Go to Card Controls in the left hand navigation
  3. Enroll the cards you wish to use with Card Controls
  4. Select the “Alerts” button to set up the types of alerts you want to receive for each card

New to Online Banking? To enroll, you’ll need

  1. Member number
  2. Primary member information (last name, date of birth, SSN)

Online Banking First Time User Guide

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