Online Banking Balance & Activity Alerts

Looking for your stimulus payment? Why not set up a history alert with the description “IRS” to be notified when the payment hits your account?

Setting a new Activity Alert

  1. Login to online banking or the mobile app.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Alerts
    screen shot of online banking side menu with arrow pointing at alerts link underneath the settings cateogry
  3. Choose the + New Alert > History Alert option.
    screen shot of new alert menu with arrow pointing at history alert
  4. To set an alert for a transaction based on the transaction's description:
    • Select the Description option.
    • Enter a term to check for.
    • Select an account to check for the transaction.
    • Select an alert delivery method and enter the alert's destination.
    • Click the Create Alert button to turn on the alert.
      example of a new history alert based on a transactions description
    • Manage the alert from the Alerts page under History Alerts.
      screen shot of alerts overview page after adding history alert

    • Note: Alerts are sent via the selected delivery method as soon as a transaction occurs that matches your alert criteria. Some transactions like ACH payments or recurring bill payments may occur at odd hours early in the morning.

      If you're setting an SMS alert for transactions that occur as ACH payments (also referred to as direct deposits), you'll likely receive the alert text messages early in the morning when the transactions post.