Rainy Day Savings Account

Option #1: "Pick Your Percent" Auto transfer from Checking

With Pick Your Percent, you can choose to automatically transfer between 2-10% of every qualifying deposit1 to your Rainy Day Savings account.

Pick Your Percent Calculator 4


If you deposit:

Will go to checking
Will go to savings

This many times:

You would have saved away...

Total transfers to savings:


...plus 1% APY2 yield on Rainy Day Savings balances up to $2,500.

Option #2: Debit Card Round-up

Every time you use your debit card, the transaction is rounded up to the nearest dollar and transferred to your Rainy Day Savings.

Example: If you use your debit card for a purchase of $20.27, it would round-up to $21 and transfer $0.73 from checking to your Rainy Day Savings account.

Option #3: Choose both and save more!

Rainy Day Savings Benefits

  EARN 1.00%APY on balances up to $2,500 2

  Overdraft Protection Enrollment with No Transfer Fees

  NO Monthly Fees. NO Transaction or deposit requirements.

  NO Withdrawal Fees or Limits

  ONLY $5 Minimum Balance 3

Overdraft Protection Enrollment with No Transfer Fees 

Rainy Day Savings is linked to your checking account.  If a transaction in your checking account would cause you to overdraft, funds will automatically transfer from your Rainy Day savings account in $100 increments to cover the transaction. The standard $5 auto transfer fee to cover overdrafts is waived when the transfer comes from your Rainy Day Savings Account.

Ready to build your savings automatically?

Call (844) 300-5810 or visit any branch location and ask to open a Rainy Day Savings account to get started.

Rainy Day Savings Non-Dividend account will be opened for members without a valid SSN or ITIN.

1 -

Qualifying deposits include ACH direct deposit, ATM, Remote Deposit Capture check deposits, in branch deposits, and Zelle. Internal transfers do not qualify.

2 -

APY is Annual Percentage Yield and is accurate as of the last dividend declaration date and does not apply to Rainy Day Non-Dividend Savings account. The Rainy Day Savings account rate is variable and may change after account opening. Account will earn the stated rate if an average monthly balance of at least $100 is maintained. This account is a tiered rate and will pay the stated rate on average balances up to $2,500.00. Balances of $2,500.00 or greater will earn 0.05% APY. Rainy Day Non-Dividend Savings account pays no yield regardless of the balance in the account. Rainy Day Savings must be linked to a GreenState checking account. $5 minimum balance required. Members can unenroll at anytime by request. Fees may reduce earnings.

3 -

A minimum balance of $5.00 must always be maintained in the account.

4 -

This calculator is provided for illustrative purposes only. The calculator assumes that all deposits made are qualifying types of deposits.  


For "Pick Your Percent" your choice of between 2% and 10% of all qualifying deposits made to a checking account will be automatically transferred to Rainy Day Savings. The chosen percent must be a whole number. To change your auto deposit percentage, call us at (844) 300-5810, chat with us at GreenState.org, or stop by your nearest branch.


Members can unenroll in this program at any time by contacting us at 800-397-3790, chatting with us at GreenState.org, or stopping by any branch and requesting to be removed.