Rainy Day Savings Account

How It Works

Grow Your Savings Automatically

2% of every deposit1 you make into a GreenState checking account will automatically go to your Rainy Day Savings Account.

graphic described by caption belowIf you deposit $100 in your GreenState checking... $2 will go into your Rainy Day Savings and $98 will go into your checking.

Rainy Day Savings Benefits

  EARN 1.00%APY on balances up to $2,500 2

  Overdraft Protection Enrollment with No Transfer Fees

  NO Monthly Fees. NO Transaction or deposit requirements.

  NO Withdrawal Fees or Limits

  ONLY $5 Minimum Balance 3

Overdraft Protection Enrollment with No Transfer Fees 

Rainy Day Savings is linked to your checking account.  If a transaction in your checking account would cause you to overdraft, funds will automatically transfer from your Rainy Day savings account in $100 increments to cover the transaction. The standard $6 auto transfer fee to cover overdrafts is waived when the transfer comes from your Rain Day Savings Account.

Ready to build your savings automatically?

Call (844) 300-5810 or visit any branch location and ask to open a Rainy Day Savings account to get started.

1 -

Qualifying deposits include: direct deposit, ATM, Remote Deposit Capture check deposits, deposits made at a branch.

2 -

APY is Annual Percentage Yield. The rate on this account is variable and subject to change. This account is a tiered rate and will pay the stated rate on average balances up to $2,500.00. Balances of $2,500.00 or greater will earn 0.05% APY.

3 -

A minimum balance of $5.00 must always be maintained in the account.


2% of all deposits to a checking account will be automatically transferred to Rainy Day Savings.


Members can unenroll in this program at any time by contacting us at 800-397-3790 and requesting to be removed.