Credit Card Statement Cycle Dates

Why do the statement cycle dates for GreenState credit cards change every month?

Credit cards must have the same payment due date each month; payments for consumer cards are due on the 8th. There are additional guidelines that require how soon before a payment due date the statement must be made availalbe. GreenState's credit card statement cycles vary each month to guarantee no more than 26 days from the date the cyle ends to the date your payment is due. See below for an annual table of this years cycle dates. 


Month Statement End Date Due Date
January 14 Feb. 8
February 12 Mar. 8
March 14 Apr. 8
April 12 May 8
May 14 June 8
June 13 July 8
July 14 Aug. 8
August 14 Sept. 8
September 13 Oct. 8
October 14 Nov. 8
November 13 Dec. 8
December 13 Jan. 8