Loan Payoff

If you are needing your loan payoff, need to send us a payoff, or something else, we can help! 

How to get a loan payoff

Simply give us a call at 319-339-1000 or 800-397-3790 or stop into a branch to get an accurate payoff.

How to pay off your loan

To payoff your loan you can either:

  • Mail a check
  • Transfer the funds online
    • If paid online you will have to make two transfers:
      • The first transfer will cover the loan balance (not including accrued interest since you last payment date).
      • Once the first transfer is made there will be small amount of interest due will still show as owed. Simply make another transfer to cover the remaining loan amount and the loan will be fully paid off. 
  • Pay in person at a branch
  • Wire funds