Member to Member Transfers

How to setup a Member to Member transfer in Online Banking

  1. Login to online banking from our homepage. See Enroll in Online Banking‍ if you have not enrolled Online Banking.
  2. Select the Transfer/Deposits tab found on the left hand side of Online Banking. (You will need to swipe over or click the menu button in the top right if on our mobile site/app)
  3. Select the Memb to Memb Transfer option in the sub menu.
  4. Here you can select one of the following:
    • Single Transfer to perform a one time transfer.
    • Link Account to transfer to this account more than once or create a recurring transaction.
  5. In the TO ACCOUNT NUMBER field you will need to use the 8 digit member number (not the 13 digit MICR).
  6. In the TO SHARE/LOAN ID you will need to enter the Share/Loan ID of the member you wish to send funds to. You must not enter S or L in the share ID field.
  7. For the ACCOUNT TYPE you will need to select one of the following:
    • Checking if using a 004X Share ID.
    • Share if using a 00XX savings or money market share ID.
    • Loan if sending to a Loan.
  8. For the FIRST THREE OF LAST NAME be sure to type in the First three characters of the members last name we have on file for them.
  9. Select Submit.
  10. If you selected Link account in step 4, you must now sign out and back in to see this newly linked account inside Funds Transfer page (listed inside the Transfer/Deposits tab).
    • Sometimes the account may now show up right away, in that case you may need to wait a few hours and try again later.