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Vote now for your Board of Directors
Voting is open for our 2021 Board of Directors election! Voting opens on March 19th and closes on April 15th. Final voting and results will be announced at the 82nd Annual Meeting on Tuesday, April 20th at 7:00 pm. The meeting will be held virtually, register to attend GreenState's Annual Meeting.  

Mobile Pay

GreenState credit cards and debit cards are available to use with your mobile wallet. Mobile Pay allows you to load your GreenState credit card and/or debit card onto your phone or other mobile device, then use the device to make purchases at participating merchants. 

Simply look for the contactless payment icon, hold your device to the card reader and follow prompts specific to your device.

Safely process transactions

Mobile Pay uses “tokenization” which is an added level of security to your credit card data. When you use your device to make a purchase, an algorithmically generated number (called a token) is used in place of your card data. These tokens can then be passed through various networks to process the payment without your financial details being exposed. 

Load your card to your device

Follow instructions from these popular brands: Apple PayGoogle Pay, and Samsung Pay. Contact your device's support center for questions regarding your mobile wallet.