Tax Documents

GreenState provides the following Tax documents for our members:

  • 1042S NON-US citizen interest earned, bonus & referrals paid
  • 1098 1st Mortgage interest
  • 1099 C Cancellation of Debt, lender that forgave the debt
  • 1099 INT (1st Mortgage) Interest earned on escrow account
  • 1099 MISC Vendor payments or bonus/referrals paid over $600
  • 1099 NEC Non-employee compensation 
  • 1099 R IRA distributions
  • 1099 S Mortgage seller profit reporting
  • 5498 IRA contributions
  • 1098 (HELOC/HE) Mortgage interest
  • 1099 INT (Check/Savings/CD/Money Market) Interest earned, bonus & referrals paid
    • If a person earns less than $10 in interest, they will not receive a 1099 INT.

How to view Tax Document in Online Banking

You are able to see most type of tax documents online, if it cannot be seen online you will receive this in the mail. If you need a tax document sooner call or stop into a branch.

  1. Login to online banking from our homepage. See Enroll in Online Banking‍ if you have not enrolled Online Banking.
  2. Go to the e-Statements tab.
  3. Select the tax document you'd like to view. 
  4. View/Print