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Vote now for your Board of Directors
Voting is now open for our 2024 Board of Directors election! Voting is open and closes on April 18. Final voting and results will be announced at the 85th Annual Meeting on April 23. The meeting will be held virtually, and you may register to attend at any time.

Updating your Contact Information

If you recently moved or have new contact information you can submit your new address and contact informtion in online banking by following the steps below.

Updating your Contact Information in Online Banking

  1. From the main menu of your Online Banking, click or tap on Settings.
  2. In the Settings sub-menu, click or tap on Update Personal Info.
  3. Select Manage addresses and contacts.
  4. One the Update Account Information page you can either edit an existing contact/address or add a new one. 
    NOTE: If you have a PO Box you must list that as the Mailing Address.
  5. To make any changes you will need to be send a security code to one of your phone/email addresses on file. 
  6. Click the Submit button to confirm your changes.