Community Investment Statement

Initiative Progress

As Iowa’s leader in home mortgages, GreenState is in a unique position to lead this effort across the state.

We recognize that as Iowa’s largest credit union, we have a special responsibility to address racial inequities head on.

Jeff Disterhoft, GreenState CEO

According to the report, “Race in the Heartland” 1, Iowa’s black population has a home ownership rate below 30 percent while whites in the state hover just below 80 percent home ownership.

This Community Investment Statement includes an additional $20 million in targeted community investments in the areas of racial, immigrant, and refugee equity, affordable housing and financial inclusion, and climate and environmental sustainability.

Targeted Investments & Contributions Progress


Affordable Housing

Goal: $6,000,000


Financial Inclusion
Racial, Immigrant & Refugee Equity

Goal: $9,000,000


Climate/Environmental Sustainability

Goal: $5,000,000

1 -

Colin Gordon, “Race in the Heartland: Equity, Opportunity, and Public Policy in the Midwest,” October 2019.

2 -

Bankrate analysis of Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data, via LendingPatterns.
May 5, 2021