At GreenState, the security of your account is very important to us. These past few months we have seen an increase in scams and fraud nationwide and we wanted to take a quick moment to refresh you on current scams and provide tips to keep your accounts protected.


Be aware of current scams: We maintain a dedicated page at of current scams. We encourage you to check this page if you are ever concerned about a message, call, or text you have received. 

  1. Texts / calls to confirm a purchase: While we do utilize phone calls and texts to confirm purchases which fall outside of your normal purchase behavior, we do not ask you to click a link. Instead, we will ask you to simply reply with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ on the charge(s) in question. In the event of potentially fraudulent charges, GreenState may reach out to confirm, but will never ask you for your card, account, or personal information.

  2. Requests for account information: Unfortunately, technology has advanced and call scammers are able to make caller ID show “GreenState CU”. When you answer, they state there are pending charges and fraud is suspected on your account. The caller then asks for a few of the numbers of your debit / credit card to “verify your identity.” Never give out your personal information like your GreenState member number or card information to any caller. Also, you should never share your Online Banking login information.

  3. Unexpected phone calls: When you call the Member Assistance Center, you have the option to select a "call back" to avoid waiting on hold. In that instance, the GreenState team will call you back. If you ever get a call claiming to be from GreenState and you don't feel comfortable, please chat with us online or call us at 800-397-3790.

Tips to keep your accounts safe:

  • If you receive a one-time passcode you didn’t request, do not give the code to anyone who asks for it. At this time, it may also be good to change your password.
  • Only use known links to access your accounts or our mobile app.
  • Ensure GreenState has an active email and mobile number on file to speed up resolution for any security-related issues.

If you ever have questions about any communication you receive, please forward to, chat us at or call us at 800-397-3790.