Sending a Payment with Bill Pay

We offer free bill pay that you can use to pay most bills. You can also use bill pay to mail a check to any person in the United States.

We do not suggest using bill pay to make payments to GreenState loans or Credit Cards. To pay a GreenState loan or Credit Card please see our article: Making Payments

Sending Payments

Before you can send a payment, you'll need to create a contact for the person or company you'd like to pay. If you'd like instructions, head over here: Getting started with Bill Pay.

  1. Login to online banking from our homepage.
  2. Once signed into online banking click or tap on the Transfers & Payments tab.
  3. Now click or tap on the Bill Pay - Full Site sub menu option.
  4. There you can make a payment or schedule one for a future date.
  5. Select the date you'd like be payment to arrive by and enter the amount you'd like to pay.
  6. Choose the account you want to pay from. Enter the amount and payment date, then select Review Payments.
  7. Review your payment information. If your payee, payment amount, payment date, and account are correct, select Submit Payments.

How are payments sent, and how long do they take?

  • If the recipient is part of our payment provider's electronic network (most large companies are) the payment will be sent electronically. It'll arrive within 2 business days after it's withdrawn.
  • If they're not part of this network, they'll be mailed a paper check. Payments sent by check should arrive within 5 business days after they're withdrawn. (That's generally a week, unless a Federal banking holiday happens to occur.)
  • When you schedule a payment, you'll see the date it's guaranteed to arrive (Deliver by date).

How will I know if a payment check is cashed? Do checks expire?

  • If a payment is sent as a paper check, you will know it has been cashed once the funds are withdrawn from your GreenState checking account.
  • Payment checks are valid for 90 days from the date it is sent. This expiration date is printed on the check. If a check expires, some banks may still allow it to be cashed/deposited.
    • We do not place stop payments against checks that are not cashed within 90 days, but if you would like to stop payment on a check you can do so online by following the steps in our Stop Payments‍ article.