Holiday Hours: GreenState offices will be closed on Monday, January 18th in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Hits and Misses

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HIT! (8/12/20)

GreenState is announced as the corridor’s #1 credit union in 2020 by the Corridor Business Journal.

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MISS! (6/1/20)

Recently issued credit and debit cards are hard to read due to the color used for the account number not contrasting enough with the card background image.

Resolution: Cards have been updated to make them easier to read and reissued cards from this point will have the new coloring. If you have a GreenState card that is difficult to read, please call us at (800) 397-3790, chat with us online, or vist any branch location, and we will replace it for free (your card number will not change).

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HIT! (Spring / Summer 2020)

GreenState was able to provide over $1.2 Million in assistance to members and our communities affected by COVID-19 and the derecho storm. GreenState Giveback Details.

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MISS! (2/1/20)

The call wait time average in our Call Center climbed to nearly 4 minutes.

Resolution: We have added staff to our call center, extended our hours, and educated more members on the use of the online chat feature. As a result, call wait times now average only 48 seconds.