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GreenState stopped offering an automated telephone banking service on the assumption that widespread adoption of online and mobile banking made the service unnecessary.

Resolution (May 2021): Based on feedback from members we have brought back a 24/7 telephone banking service. You can check your balance, receive other account info and even transfer funds between your GreenState products, all by calling (844) 300-3681.

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HIT! (5/01/21)

: GreenState produced its first ever Annual Giving Report. The report shows the highlights of the previous year’s community involvement efforts. Moving forward we will produce this publication each year and share it with the membership so that they have more information as to how their cooperative is giving back to the community.

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GreenState’s Online Bill Pay was difficult to use on smartphones because the layout was not designed with smaller screens in mind.

Resolution (Feb 2021): GreenState launched a new Bill Pay system on 2/11/21 with many new enhancements. Most important is a new design that makes Bill Pay easy to use across all device sizes.

Other enhancements include:

  • Calendar view of all upcoming payments.
  • Pay a Person - Send a Direct Deposit (ACH) or paper check to an individual at no cost.
  • Gift Pay - Choose from many special occasion check designs and include personalized messages with your gift. Select when your gift will arrive in the mail, all for just $2.99.
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MISS! (Summer, 2019)

Across Iowa communities, outdated ATM machines were becoming more frequent targets for fraudsters using card skimmers across our communities.

Resolution: GreenState moved quickly and invested over $650,000 to upgrade our older model ATM machines and to dedicate resources to ensure we're implementing regular updates to keep our member's accounts as safe as possible. We're happy to report that our ATM machines have not had a skimming occurrence since the upgrades were completed.

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HIT! (8/12/20)

GreenState is announced as the corridor’s #1 credit union in 2020 by the Corridor Business Journal.

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MISS! (6/1/20)

Recently issued credit and debit cards are hard to read due to the color used for the account number not contrasting enough with the card background image.

Resolution: Cards have been updated to make them easier to read and reissued cards from this point will have the new coloring. If you have a GreenState card that is difficult to read, please call us at (800) 397-3790, chat with us online, or vist any branch location, and we will replace it for free (your card number will not change).

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HIT! (Spring / Summer 2020)

GreenState was able to provide over $1.2 Million in assistance to members and our communities affected by COVID-19 and the derecho storm. GreenState Giveback Details.

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MISS! (2/1/20)

The call wait time average in our Call Center climbed to nearly 4 minutes.

Resolution: We have added staff to our call center, extended our hours, and educated more members on the use of the online chat feature. As a result, call wait times now average only 48 seconds.