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  • All You Need to Know About the COVID-19 Stimulus Plan

    2020-03-31 | News

    couple working in kitchen After days of negotiations, the Senate and White House signed a historic $2 trillion stimulus plan to help mitigate the economic fallout of COVID-19.

    Here’s all you need to know about The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act  (CARES.)

  • Fun Activities to do with Your Kids at Home

    2020-03-25 | News

    parent taking picture of kidSheltering at home during the Coronavirus Pandemic can be anything but easy. However, as parents, you have the unique opportunity to set the tone in your home and decide if these weeks will be a nightmare for everyone or filled with precious memory-making and family bonding activities. Here are some fun activities to keep your kids busy while you wait out the pandemic at home.

  • Financial Dos and Don’ts During the Coronavirus Outbreak

    2020-03-19 | News

    The Coronavirus outbreak may have you rethinking a lot of things, including your finances. While some tweaks aren’t a bad idea, don’t go overboard! Don’t sell all your stocks, as once the virus clears things should rebound quickly. Don’t try to save money by not going to the doctor if you’re sick. Trim your spending a bit and take advantage of the tremendously low rates by refinancing your mortgage. Above all, be calm and look out for each other!

  • Tips to Bank Safely While Practicing Social Distancing

    2020-03-18 | News

    The health and safety of our employees, members, and communities are very important to us. As your credit union, we want to offer some tips to help everyone bank safely while practicing social distancing.

  • Beware of Coronavirus Scams

    2020-03-17 | News

    woman working on computer at homeScammers are notorious for capitalizing on fear, and the coronavirus outbreak is no exception. Showing an appalling lack of the most basic morals, scammers have set up fake websites, bogus funding collections and more in an effort to trick the fearful and unsuspecting out of their money.

  • United States Census 2020

    Census 2020

    2020-03-09 | News

    Census 2020 – Help us ensure an accurate count! The Census happens every 10 years and you will be receiving your invite to complete it this month. More than $675 billion in federal funding is distributed to communities each year based on this data. For more info, visit

  • Give Your Kids The Gift Of Giving

    2019-12-02 | News

    hands holding a heartThe holiday season brings a flurry of frenzied consumerism, unabashed greed and endless shopping. As a parent, though, you want your kids to associate this time of year with giving and not just with taking. How can you give your kids a joyous holiday season and teach them about kindness at the same time?

    The best way to do this is by actively encouraging your children to think of others. Try these activities to help bring the spirit of giving into your home this year. 

  • What's For Supper? - Simple Stuffed Shells With Spinach

    2019-11-27 | News

    stuffed shellsA box of pasta + cheese + veggie = dinner!

    Yield: 4 servings

    Hands-on prep time: 15 minutes

    Total prep time: 45 minutes

    Price per serving: $1.25

  • What's for Supper? - Orange-Garlic Chicken With Tomatoes

    2019-11-27 | News

    chicken dinnerThis chicken serves up a fresh burst of flavor with a side of wow!

    Yield: 4 servings

    Hands-on prep time: 15 minutes

    Total prep time: 30 minutes

    Price per serving: $1.70

  • 6 Mistakes People Make In Their 20s And How To Fix Them

    2019-11-26 | News

    Have the irresponsible financial decisions you’ve made while in your 20s left you with piles of debt and other repercussions? Lucky for you, there’s hope!

    Here are six of the most common mistakes people make while in their 20s and how to fix them.

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