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  • Step 4 of 12 Toward A Debt-Free Life: Create An Emergency Fund

    2019-11-12 | News

    You may be feeling impatient to start more aggressively paying down debt, but it’s important to first create an emergency fund.

  • What's for Supper? - Roast Garlic Chicken With Potatoes And Butternut Squash

    2019-11-06 | News

    chicken with potatoesCelebrate autumn with this delicious, budget-friendly recipe that will please palates of all ages. 

  • Step 3 of 12 Toward A Debt-Free Life: Negotiate a Lower APR

    2019-11-05 | News

    If the majority of your outstanding debt is credit card debt, you may be spending hundreds of dollars just on interest alone. Aside from wasting money, this keeps you from moving forward and paying down your debt.

  • 9 Ways To Thank A Veteran This Veterans Day

    2019-11-04 | News

    With Veterans Day around the corner, it’s important that we find ways to thank and honor those who defend our country every day. First and most basic, fly the flag! You can find guides online on how to fly it correctly. Visit your local VA hospital and spend some time with the men and women there, and take some cookies to a vet you know in the community. Join or attend a Veterans Day parade, or lace up your sneaks and take part in a charity race or walk. Write a letter to a service member, or send a care package through a charity. You can even donate money (or an old car) to veterans service organizations. Remember those who keep us free! How will you thank a veteran this Veterans Day? 

  • Trick or Treating - Why it is so important to your kids (besides all the candy)

    2019-10-31 | News

    trick or treatingCan you feel it in the air? It’s almost Halloween! It’s time for costumes, ghosts, spooky movies, candy corn, and most importantly for the kids out there, it’s time for trick or treating.

  • Step 2 of 12 Toward a Debt-Free Life: Don't Dig Yourself Deeper

    2019-10-29 | News

    When you’ve dug yourself deep into a pit, the only way to get out is to stop digging. This week, focus on not racking up more debt.

  • Step 1 Of 12 Toward A Debt-Free Life: Take Stock Of Your Debt

    2019-10-22 | News

    Woman working on laptopYou’re determined that this will be the year you finally pay down (or pay off) that debt. Get ready, because every week, our Do It Today plan will have you taking another step on your journey toward living a debt-free life.

  • Scary Scams to Watch Out For This Halloween

    2019-10-17 | News

    It’s almost time for Halloween, but one of the scariest things about the season are the scams that show up like money-munching zombies every year. Check out these helpful tips to avoid being scammed! 

  • What's for Supper? - Lentil And Lemon Soup

    2019-10-10 | News

    There's nothing better than a warm bowl of soup on a chilly autumn nights. Here is one of our favorites! 

  • How Long Does It Take To Become A Millionaire?

    2019-10-09 | News

    Do you want to be a #millionaire? Is that a stupid question? It’s actually easier than you might think, but it will take time, patience and a willingness to save. Like most big goals, it’s a matter of planning. Your biggest tool will be your retirement account(s). A married couple maxing out their contributions can hit the million mark in less than 17 years with puny 4% returns! Look for where you can trim your budget or ways to make extra money and sock all that away, too. Remember to allow for inflation! A million today won’t have the same spending power in 30 years. Good luck! Do you dream of being a millionaire or did that goal never make it on to your bucket list? Reach out to a GreenState expert to ask about our investment and savings products. You can be a millionaire! 

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