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  • 7 Steps To A Mid-Year Financial Checkup

    2021-06-07 | News

    financial reviewIt feels like you just packed away the holiday decorations yesterday, but believe it or not, 2021 is already half over. As we sail into the season of barbecues and beaches, take a few minutes to give yourself a mid-year financial checkup. A small investment of time can spur important changes that can affect your financial wellness for the rest of 2021 or even for years to come.

    Use the seven steps guide you through your checkup.

  • Mother's Day on a Budget

    2021-05-05 | News

    teddy bearQ: I love showing Mom how much she means to me on Mother’s Day, but it costs a small fortune! Is there any way to spend less while still giving Mom a Mother’s Day to remember?

    A: It’s wonderful to show your love and appreciation, but you don’t need to blow your budget to make that happen.

    Here’s some low-cost ways to show Mom how much you care.

  • Spring Clean Your Finances

    2021-04-05 | News

    spring cleaningSpring is a great time of year to clear your house of accumulated junk and make it sparkle. Why not do the same for your finances? Junk can accumulate there, too. In fact, some of your money matters may need a good wipe down this season. It is especially true this year, when many Americans are still recovering from the financial fallout of COVID-19, or maybe wondering how to use the latest round of stimulus checks. Whatever your current situation, a thorough spring-cleaning for your finances is a responsible move this time of year.

  • Preparing Financially for a New Baby

    2021-03-24 | News

    couple holding ultrasoundCongratulations! You’ve expecting a baby and you’re breathless with excitement — and nerves. A baby means big changes, and a part of those changes is lots of new expenses. How will you pay for it all?

    We’ve got the tips you need to prepare financially for a new baby.

  • All You Need to Know About the New Stimulus Bill

    2021-03-16 | News

    Washington dcOn March 6, the Senate passed the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan. The bill promises further financial relief and assistance to millions of Americans who may still be struggling with the financial devastation of COVID-19. Here are some of the most significant measures included in the bill.

  • If You Hear This, You’re Talking to a Tax Scammer

    2021-02-26 | News

    It’s tax season, and scammers are working overtime to get your money. Tax scams are as varied as they are common, but when you know what to look for, you can beat fraudsters at their game and keep them from getting your money and your information.

    If you hear or see any of the following 12 lines this tax season, you know you’re dealing with a scammer:

  • Five Steps to Take After a Financial Disaster

    2021-02-09 | News

    As we sail into 2021, many Americans are struggling with the aftershocks of financial disaster. Whether it’s due to a layoff, a smaller workload, medical expenses or a change in family circumstances, the financial fallout of COVID-19 has been devastating.

    Recovering from a financial disaster, due to a pandemic or any other reason, is never easy; however, with hard work and the ability to look forward, it can be done. Here’s how.

  • Buying a Home During the Winter

    2021-02-08 | News

    house in the snowQ: I’m ready to buy a new home, and I’d rather not wait until spring. What do I need to know about buying a house during the winter? 

    A: Spring and summer are, by far, the most popular seasons for house-hunting. But, that shouldn’t stop you from looking for your dream home in middle of winter. Though icy driveways and snowed-out open houses can be less than thrilling, there are surprising benefits to purchasing a home during the coldest time of year. 

  • The History Behind Black History Month

    2021-02-08 | News

    Dr Carter G Woodson

    Photo Caption: Dr. Carter G. Woodson is considered the Father of Black History Month.

    The rich culture and contributions of the Black community to our American story has been honored and celebrated since the late 1910s.

    What began as an exhibit during an event marking the 50th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, which ended slavery in the U.S., has, over the decades, grown into a month-long time of learning about Black Americans’ influence on our country.

    But, who started the movement, and why was February the month chosen to celebrate Black History Month? We’ll answer those questions and more as we take a look at Black History Month through the decades until 1976 when Black History Month became the celebration as it’s known today.

  • 28 Ways to Celebrate Black History Month

    2021-02-01 | News

    people jumpingSince the 1970s, the month of February has been designated as the time to celebrate and commemorate Black history. Schools, television networks and private organizations use this month to increase awareness and to educate people about the rich history of Black Americans.

    There are so many ways to celebrate! We challenge you to do one thing for Black History Month on each of the 28 days of February. Here are 28 ideas to help get you started:

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